Worry free tire shopping. Bring in an ad, written estimate or internet quote for identical tires(s) from a competing tire retailer/installer located within 100 miles of the dealer required during guarantee period for price match.

Visit HERE for additional details on the price match guarantee and links to rebate forms.  

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Provide documentation of a better price at the time of your purchase and we'll match it. If you find a better price within 30 days of the purchase, we'll refund the difference*.  See our certified service department for details.  Make your appointment today!

*An ad, written estimate or internet quote for identical tire(s) from a competing tire retailer/installer located within 100 miles of the dealer required during guarantee period for price match. Offer ends 12/31/20.
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No matter what vehicle you're driving, there's only one part that directly contacts the ground - your tires. This truth highlights the point that tire maintenance is vital for the performance of your car. After all, one flat tire, you're stuck. At Klick Lewis, our service center specializes in tire maintenance as one of our many areas of expertise. Whether you own a sedan, SUV, or truck, we can help ensure that your tires are in good shape by performing tire rotations, alignments, or replacements. We even offer tire specials that can increase your potential savings.

What's the Importance Behind Tire Service?
By being the only component that interacts with the road, it's the tires that endure the good and bad parts of driving. It's the tires that experience the aftermath of pesky potholes, slick spots caused by ice and snowfall, and unusual, off-road surfaces like gravel, mud, and sand. With everything they go through each time you hit the road, getting regular tire service will lengthen the time between tire replacements. Forms of routine tire maintenance include tire rotations and tire pressure checks.
• Tire Rotations - Rotating the tires of your Chevy or your vehicle will encourage the tires to wear evenly. Performing these rotations will result in a smoother ride and even extend the life of your current tires. Uneven tire wear can result in sudden tire damage that no Palmyra driver wants to deal with during a work commute.
• Tire Pressure - Out of all tire maintenance tasks, checking tire pressure is what you should do most often. Having proper tire inflation will benefit how your car performs in demonstrating decent braking, traction, cornering, and even fuel economy. Our technicians recommend checking tire pressure once a month.

Tire Specials Redeemable at Palmyra Service Center
Given the significance of tire maintenance, we want to help southern Pennsylvania drivers do what's right for your vehicle's tires by offering tire specials. These coupons can lower the cost of a full tire replacement or routine rotation or alignment. By exploring the tire coupons available at Klick Lewis, you can find savings even before dropping off your Chevy at our service center to have the replacement, rotation, or alignment performed. It's worth the look if you want to reduce the cost of your visit.
Here's a preview of tire offers you may find online:
• Four-wheel alignment
• Tire inspection and repair
• Four-tire rotation
• Tire price match guarantee

Keep Your Tires in Good Shape at Klick Lewis in Palmyra
If you're in the market for new tires, you can look up what kind of tires match your vehicle with our online tire finder tool. All you do is input your vehicle's year, make, model, trim, and tire size and then click search to locate a set that fits your Chevy. When you find tires that you're interested in, chat with a certified technician about available specials to help you save.

No matter what your tires need, turn to our tire specials to redeem significant savings at our Palmyra service center. Our Klick Lewis team is here to help you maintain your vehicle from the ground up, so schedule a service visit to benefit your tires today.